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Disability & Access Center

Note Taker Recruitment

Students who require peer note taking as an approved accommodation are asked to approach recruitment in one of two ways; the first is self-recruitment.  This is a positive option because it is much quicker and gives students quick flexibility to change note takers if need be.

The second option is instructor support.  If a student is unable to arrange a note taker in a course, he/she may request assistance from the instructor. Instructors are asked to make an announcement to the class to see if any volunteers come forward. Since all processes involving accommodation are to be as confidential as possible we ask that a statement like the following be used:

This class requires a student volunteer to take notes and provide a copy of legible notes for a student with a disability.  If you are a good note taker and are interested in volunteering, please see me after class for more information.

If the student is comfortable with the note taker knowing his/her identity, the student can give contact information to the instructor before the announcement is made and the instructor can share that contact information with the note taker.  If the student wants to remain anonymous, the instructor can ask the volunteer to register as a note taker with the DAC.  Once the note taker contacts the DAC and registers as a note taker.  The DAC will then notify the student that a volunteer has come forward and provide information on how to access the notes.

If no volunteers come forward, instructors should notify the student, and he/she should come to the DAC as soon as possible to discuss other possibilities. Students should also contact the DAC if any other concerns arise.

All volunteer note takers, no matter how they are recruited, are welcome to register as a note taker.  Volunteer note takers receive benefits, such as carbon paper notebooks to quickly provide a copy of the notes while keeping a copy for themselves. It may also be possible to count note taking as community service/volunteer hours, if the instructor or sponsoring organization requiring the hours approves.

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